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Research interests

Via this link you can read my detailed research statement

Current research statement_Haibo Zhou

My current research interests cover four domains as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship (Determinants & Well-being)
    • Micro-determinants: e.g. TPB model in a conditional setting (e.g. ISBJ); Autonomy –>Persistence
    • Macro-determinants: pool of education –> entrepreneurial process (Babson 2016)
    • Entrepreneurial finance (informal investors/fund manager): behavioral characteristics of angel investment (Babson 2017)
    • Well-being: e.g. spouse on entrepreneur’s well-being
  • Innovation
    • Labor relation/HRM à Innovation performance/productivity (e.g. ICC, CJE)
    • Knowledge management/dynamic capabilities –> innovation
  • Familiness
    • Family business studies, e.g. paid family employees (ETP)
    • Family business professionalization
    • Family involvement –> start-up performance (Babson 2017)
  • Growth and survival

    • High-growth –> survival (under-review by ICC)
    • Determinants and dimension of firm growth
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